Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

Pawfect for Dogs & Pets

Alternative Grass has been designed and manufacturered the best artificial grass for dogs and their owners who need an alternative to real grass. If you’re tired of the common grass problems like muddy patches, holes and yellow spots on your lawn, our pet-friendly artificial grass is a durable, clean solution that looks great in all seasons.

Artificial grass for dogs is a sustainable alternative to real grass. Dogs are able continue to play and run around on your lawn without turning your garden into a mud bath and bringing muddy paws or feet into your home. No more keeping the dog inside when the garden is wet. 

Pet-Friendly & Safe for All Dogs

Soft on paws and gentle on fur, dogs love playing, running, rolling around, and relaxing on Alternative Grass just as much as real grass, so there’s no compromise between a stunning garden and a happy hound. Alternative Grass is ideal for animals because it is non-toxic and doesn’t need poisonous chemicals like fertilisers and pesticides to keep it green, making it more pet-friendly than real turf. Alternative Grass is built and tested for dogs, so you can have complete peace of mind that your garden is a safe and welcoming environment for man’s best friend.

Low Maintenance & Mess-Free

Maintaining a lush green lawn is a challenge for dog owners. Alternative Grass is the perfect solution as it looks fantastic without the mowing, watering, feeding, or re-turfing required from a natural lawn. Less effort spent on maintenance means more time to enjoy your lawn with your fur babies.